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October 20, 2021 - Carbohydrate Nutrition News

Upcoming Webinars on Sugars

From global dietary guidelines that recommend reducing the intake of free sugars to information communicated through various social media channels, there are many competing information sources that can lead to myths, misconceptions, and questions about sugars. For example, How much sugars do Canadians consume? Does sugars intake impact diet quality? Can sugars be easily reduced or replaced in a recipe? Health professionals are relied upon to communicate evidence-based nutrition messages, but it can be difficult to evaluate what the science says about sugars and health. 

The dietitians and nutrition researchers at the Canadian Sugar Institute are pleased to share two upcoming free webinars that provide insights into current issues and the science on sugars: 

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Wednesday October 27, 12-1 PM EST 
Perceptions on carbohydrates and sugars among university nutrition students and recent findings on the intakes of sugars in relation to key nutrient intakes among Canadian children and adults
This webinar presents data from a survey of undergraduate nutrition students from seven Canadian Universities on their knowledge and perceptions of carbohydrates and sugars. To dispel some misperceptions related to sugars, the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) 2015 nutrition data were analyzed to better understand the intakes of key nutrients among Canadian children and adults with low, moderate, and high consumption of sugars. 


  • “Knowledge and perceptions on carbohydrates and sugars among Canadian nutrition undergraduates"

Nick Bellissimo, PhD (School of Nutrition, Ryerson University)
Flora Wang, PhD (Manager of Nutrition & Scientific Affairs, Canadian Sugar Institute)

  • "Intakes of nutrients and food categories in Canadian children and adults across different sugar consumption levels"

Laura Chiavaroli, PhD (Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto) 

Click for more information and to register for the webinar.

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November 4, 1-2 PM EST 
The Sweet Spot! What you need to know about sugars for you, your clients and your business

Join leading food and nutrition experts as they share their insights on sugars in science, in the kitchen, and in your communications. Live attendees will be eligible to win 1 of 3 cookbooks signed by Claire Tansey - Dinner, Uncomplicated (available only to attendees residing in North America).


  • “The State of Science on Sugars and Canadians’ Sugar Consumption Patterns”

Flora Wang, PhD (Manager of Nutrition & Scientific Affairs Canadian Sugar Institute) 

  • “How Sugar Works: Adventures in Baking with Reduced Sugars”

Claire Tansey (Author and Cooking Teacher, Claire Tansey’s Kitchen)

  • “Communicating Key Messages about Sugars”

Sue Mah, MHSc, RD (President and Founder, Nutrition for NON-Nutritionists) 

Click for more information and to register for the webinar.