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Health Professionials

Carbohydrate News Annual newsletter for health and education professionals. (max.: 5 copies of each title)

Beyond Sweetness: The Functional Roles of Sugar in Foods and the Challenges in Replacing/Reducing It. 2016

Sugars and Health: The Current Science, 2015

The Not So Toxic Truth About Sugar, 2013

Carbohydrates and the Cognitive Performance of Children, 2012

Estimated Intakes of Added Sugars in Canada and Relationship to Trends in Body Weight, 2011

Further Analysis of Statistics Canada Health Report: Sugar consumption among Canadians of all ages, 2011

Sucrose: From Field to Table, 2010

Carbohydrate for Healthy Active Living, 2009

Glycemic Index: Clinical and Public Health Significance, 2008

Fact Sheets and Infographics (max.: 5 copies of each title)

Uncover the Truth about Sugar: Consumption

Uncover the Truth about Sugar: Obesity

Uncover the Truth about Sugar: Sources of Sucrose

Uncover the Truth about Sugar: Chronic Disease

Uncover the Truth about Sugar: Functional Roles

Frequently Asked Questions about Carbohydrates and Type 2 Diabetes

Role of Carbohydrates and Sugars in Sports Nutrition

Sugar 101: Frequently Asked Questions (infographic)

Sugar: From Field to Table (infographic)

Sugar: Beyond Sweetness (infographic)

Learning about Sugars Labelling (infographic)

Carbohydrates and Physical Activity (infographic)

Teaching Materials

Natures Sweet Mystery, 2009: A comprehensive curriculum-based educational booklet for grades 4-6 designed to guide students in an exploration of food energy including food chains, food production, the human body, and energy balance; includes teacher background information and planning notes, overhead masters, and reproducible activity sheets.

Consumer Materials

Clips on Sugars Fact sheets offering practical information about sugar. (max.: 25 copies of each title)

Facts on Sugar

Breakfast Brain Booster

Sugar: From Plant to Food

Calories and Body Weight

Understanding the Glycemic Index

Healthy Teeth for a Healthy You!

Sugars and Health

Balancing Food and Activity for Healthy Weights

Fuel for Your Activity

Different Sugars for Different Tastes

A Taste of Sugar Delicious recipes and information about sugar and health. (max.: 25 copies of each title)

Appetizers: White Bean Dip • Balsamic Bruschetta

Breakfast: Energizing Granola • Blueberry Bran Muffins

Quickbread: Corn and Chives Madeleines • Whole Wheat Molasses Loaf

Soups: Creamy Carrot Soup • Thick and Tasty Tomato Soup

Desserts: Rena’s Fruit Crisp • Mini Cheesecake Delights

Entrees: Dijon Chicken • Tomato Zucchini Penne with Pesto

Vegetables: Simply Sweet Butternut Squash • Orange-Glazed Peppers & Zucchini

Marinades/Toppings: Spicy Citrus Marinade • Mexican Peppers and Onions

Baked Goods: Cinnamon Raisin Scones • Homestyle Banana Bread